What is ColorSpark?

ColorSpark was created to help designers find unique colors and striking gradient combinations. By making a tool that solely generates random colors and gradients, colors are found that would otherwise be unthought of. The goal of ColorSpark is to help designers break out of the habbit of using the same, limiting color palette in nearly every project.

How does ColorSpark work?

ColorSpark works as simply as it appears. Each time the "Generate" button is pressed, a random string of 6 characters is peiced together to make a hex code for a color. For gradients, the process is repeated to generate a second color and an angle between -180° and 180° is generated. Each color is generated completely randomly and independently. For those more interested, feel free to take a look at the project on GitHub.

Who created ColorSpark?

ColorSpark was created as a fun side project by Luke Johnson. Luke is currently a student at Winthrop University studying Digital Information Design. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to reach out at info@colorspark.app.

Other projects

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